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OSD Students Choose Forest Edge as New Elementary School Name

After months of referring to the Oregon School District's new elementary school building as "Elementary #4," the school finally has a name: Forest Edge Elementary School.


The school name was announced by Student Council representatives Jenna Sharkus and Ethan Vandermause at the Oregon School District Board of Education meeting on Monday, December 16, 2019. A total of 2,476 of students in Kindergarten - Grade 12 voted from two options identified by the School Board in a previous meeting: Forest Edge Elementary School and Nine Springs Elementary School. 72% of students who voted chose Forest Edge Eementary as the name.

The vote comes after an extensive process used to name the school. The process started in August, with an invitation for all Oregon School District community members to suggest names for the new school. A total of 204 names were submitted as part of this process.

During a Committe of the Whole meeting on October 14, The Oregon School District Board of Education engaged in an affinityh process and determined seven finalits:  

  • Forest Edge Elementary School
  • Forest Meadows Elementary
  • Harmony Woods Elementary
  • Lacy Woods Elementary
  • Majestic Meadows Elementary
  • Nine Springs Elementary
  • Waubesa Springs Elementary

Then, on October 28, the School Board selected two final names to send to students for vote: Forest Edge Elementary School and Nine Springs Elementary School.

Student Council members created a video to help spread the word to students. The purpose of the video was to educate students on name options, introduce the school to give all students context on the location, educate on the voting process, and reinforce the importance of participating. The video process included creating a script, using the OHS green screen, touring the school, drone aerial footage, and an interview with the Construction Superintendent. 

Video Clip

In total, 63% of all OSD students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 voted on the school name. 72% of those who voted selected Forest Edge Elementary.

"We would like to express thanks to the entire community for coming together and participating in the process of naming the new elementary school," said Superintedent Dr. Brian Busler. "We are especially proud of our student council members and entire student body for helping with the naming process. We are delighted with the choice they have made for the name of our new school."

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