Ms. Hrkac - English Teacher

  • Hi there! This is the webpage of Ms. Hrkac (rhymes with circus), English Teacher at Oregon High School.

    Find your Class tab on the left (English 1o, English 11, or Expository) under the home icon/Hrkac and go from there!

    Ms. Hrkac's Schedule (Semester 1)
    1st: Expository Writing, Room 388
    2nd: English 10, Room 388
    3rd: English 11, Room 388
    4th: English 10, Room 388
    5th: Lunch
    6th: English 10, Room 388
    7th: Prep, Room 388 (or English office)
    8th: Study Hall, Room 388
    9th: Prep, Room 388 (or English office)