Mental Health Support

  • Raise Your Voice

    Raise Your Voice is a studnt group that works to decrease stigma surrounding mental health and promote wellness. It's a great way to get involved; you can decide how much or how little you want to help out. They provide encouragement and support during finals, bring in guest speakers, do activities for stress relief, and more.  

    Advisor: Alyssa Pon-Franklin

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA)

  • For support with alcohol and drug prevention and intervention, please contact:  

    OSD AODA Coordinator: Amie Mitchell, 608-835-4471

  • Keeping Everyone You Know Safe (KEYS)

    Drawn together by their concern about the amount of substance use among their peers and a common passion for making their school and community a healthier place, KEYS was formed by students for students. They want to speak up about the risks and dangers of substance abuse. They want to stand up and let their peers know that a substance free life is a good life and that students who choose not to use are in the majority. They want to band together to give support to students to stay strong in the face of the media, peer pressure and life and help students involved with substances find alternatives. 

    Advisor: Amie Mitchell