Welcome to Oregon Middle School

OMS Art Student
OMS Students at Lerner Park
Science experiment at OMS
  • OMS Mission

    Learning for ourselves, each other, and the world.

    Vision of an OMS graduate

     OMS Citizens show respect, responsibility, and empathy when they:

    • ask meaningful questions
    • think independently and work collaboratively
    • analyze information and communicate effectively
    • address challenges creatively
    • take ownership of how their actions affect themselves and the world
    • advocate for equity and social justice
    • serve their community


    2020-2021 OMS Theory of Action

     When all staff use collaboration and flexibility to

    • Disrupt inequities through reflecting on beliefs/assumptions, analyzing inequitable systemic practices, and implementing anti-racist and anti-biased strategies to make curriculum and instruction culturally responsive
    • Partner with students to develop meaningful relationships and a positive learning community
    • Create essential standards-based and social-emotional learning targets that foster student-driven growth
    • Design relevant, challenging, and active learning experiences that promote student choice and agency in creating, reading, writing, critical thinking, and reflecting
    • Use formative assessment; timely, specific, and actionable feedback; and goal setting to drive instruction and move learning forward
    • Maintain clear, concise, consistent communication with instruction, routines, and procedures

    Then all OMS students will be engaged and grow as learners.