Article of the Week

  • Each week, you will be given an article to read, annotate, and provide a response/reflection.  When setting up your response, remember to follow MLA format and organize your paper into paragraphs. This is not a summary. Instead, it is a thoughtful reflection as to the importance of the information to you as an individual and global citizen.  

    When annotating, do not rely on highlighters and underlining solely. Use them to mark important passages, but then provide an explanation as to why you marked it in the margins. A page that has been underlined and highlighted does not indicate a close reading occurs. Please see sample AoW responses linked below as guides. 

    I will update the articles in pdf format weekly.  Please be sure to download and print one off if necessary.  Remember that as a floating teacher, I do not carry copies of past articles of the week with me.  You are welcome to drop by my office (English office-Room 391) for a copy before or after school and during periods seven (7) and nine (9).  

    I have included a link to the Schaffer paragraph model to assist you in constructing your responses. You will see that it results in a thoughtfully created reflection on the writing prompts and urge you to utilize it. 

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