Panther Power 9 Standards

  • Panther Power 9 Standards

    From the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in All Subjects



    1.  Read closely to determine what texts say and make logical inferences; cite evidence from text to support conclusions


    1.  Determine central ideas/themes from texts and analyze them; summarize key details


    1.  Read and comprehend complex texts independently



    1. Write arguments to support claims using valid reasoning and relevant, sufficient evidence


    1.  Cite evidence from texts when reading to support analysis, reflection and research


    1.  Write routinely for a range of tasks, purposes, audiences



    1. Prepare for and participate effectively in collaboration with diverse partners; express your

    own ideas clearly and build on others’ ideas



    1.  Understand the meanings of words/phrases by using context clues, analyzing word parts and consulting reference materials


    1.  Accurately use a range of academic and context-specific words and phrases.