Budget and Financial Statements

  • School districts in the state of Wisconsin operate on a fiscal year from July 1 - June 30. Oregon School District financial statements are presented to the Board of Education after the audit is completed in the fall of each year. The Oregon School Board approves a final budget in October of each year once enrollment numbers are known. Most recent budget and financial statements can be downloaded below:

    2021-2022 Budget
    District Audit Report
    ESSER Fund Expenditures
    ESSER III LEA Plan Report

2021-2022 Levy Management Strategy

  • OSD Board Selects Plan to Stabilize School Taxes
    The Board of Education has selected a strategy to proactively stabilize the school property tax levy to avoid significant swings up or down from one year to another. The strategy will both reduce debt and provide consistency. 

    How it works
    The operational portion of school district property taxes are controlled by the state imposed revenue limits. The District has discretion over how much and when it pays outstanding debt from the 2014 and 2018 building referendums. This strategy will pay off $1.4 million of debt during the 2021-2022 school year to reduce debt and future interest costs. This will bring the mill rate up slightly to $10.40 from the proposed budget mill rate of $10.33.

    What this means for residents
    The amount of taxes paid to the Oregon School District should be close to the same as residents paid last year, assuming that your property has not been reassessed or purchased within the last year. This approach will result in stability in the school district portion of taxes. 

    Below is a chart that gives an estimate of the school tax portion of the tax bill, assuming constant property values. For example, the school portion of the property tax bill on $300,000 property value was $3,357.59 in 2019-2020 and is estimated to be $3,118.29 for 2020-2021. Property values are held constant for purposes of comparison only; however, it is highly likely that property values will increase.

    Levy Tax Estimate

Frequently Asked Questions

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