PVE Garden Volunteer Opportunities

  • We are excited to offer many garden volunteer opportunities to our Prairie View community. If you are interested in contributing your time in any of these roles, please contact Dawn Goltz at dmg@oregonsd.net.

  • Volunteer Coordinators
    Job Description: One or two people to contact volunteers about upcoming garden volunteer responsibilities (these will be outlined by the PVE Garden Committee)

    General Volunteers
    Job Description: Volunteers that are able to help in different ways for a variety of garden projects. Can we call to see if you’re available when we need a helping hand?

    Communication Coordinator
    Job Description: One to four people willing to handle: newspaper/social media communications, newsletter communications, other OSD building communications, seed communications.







  • Growing Season Care Members
    Job Description: Volunteers to help water and care for the garden over the summer months to supplement the Garden Summer School Class.

    Artistic Designers
    Job Description: Volunteers to help make the garden space beautiful. Our wish list: decorative posts, garden sign, produce signs, shed mural, decorative seating stumps, a weather station, “peace poles”, trellis, teepee.

    Job Description: Ten-fifteen volunteers who are able to assist the week of Gardenpalooza 2018 or part of the week of Gardenpalooza 2018 (one week in April or May). Jobs include mulching, helping plant, building beds, and digging.

  • Grant Writing/Fundraising Lead
    Job Description: Two people who are willing to seek out and apply for grants, as well as fundraising opportunities to raise money for our garden.

    Garden Tinkerers
    Job Description: Two people who are able to keep the garden shed tidy, occasionally weed if it has fallen behind, and generally maintain a clean and orderly PVE garden area.

    Grade Level Parent/School Liason
    Job Description: One non-staff garden committee contact person per grade level to communicate with lead staff garden committee members as needed.