Early College Credit (Youth Options)

  • What is Early College Credit?

    The Early College Credit (Youth Options) program allows public high school juniors and seniors in good standing (academic and behavioral) to take postsecondary courses at a Wisconsin technical college, a UW system college or university, or a Wisconsin private, nonprofit college or university.  This is a great opportunity for students to get a head start on a technical certificate, associate or bachelor's degree, learn more about a field of interest, or develop skills for entering the workforce immediately after high school graduation.  Classes will appear on the student's high school transcript but will not be calculated into their GPA, unless it is a required class as part of an apprentice program.

    How do I Apply?

    Students must apply by October 1 for the upcoming spring semester and March 1 for the following fall semester.  Forms are submitted to the Students Services office, reviewed by school administration, and submitted to the school board for approval.  Students will be notified within 45 days of the submission deadline.  Approved forms and student transcripts are then submitted to the respective colleges and universities and students will receive registration information directly from them.  Once students register for a class they must meet with their guidance counselor to append their OHS schedule. 

    For more information and Applications please Click:  Apply Here


    Once a class has started, it is important to understand students are responsible for reimbursing the school district for the cost of the class if it is not completed successfully.  (Students may decide to drop the class at anytime prior to the start at no penalty.)

    Please refer to the DPI links below for more detailed information about this program. 

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