Oregon High School Clubs and Activities

  •  Allies in Action

    Allies In Action is a student-led club dedicated to bringing awareness and advocacy to our under-represented students and creating a platform to amplify their voices. Allies works with the Multicultural Student Union and the Gender Sexuality Alliance to ensure they have support. In our meetings, we learn about current events and have discussions on their impact. We strive for a more inclusive, equitable school environment and community. Throughout the school year, Allies works on various projects. Allies In Action started an awareness newsletter called Change Times. Please go to their website to learn more about the newsletter and the club. Allies in Action Website


     Art Club

    Art Club is an after school club that provides students the opportunity to be creative, socialize, and serve the school community. Art Club allows students to participate in positive and fun activities that are inclusive of all students. This organization is open to all high school students and allows for seasonal participation to accommodate other activities. Art Club is a great place to be on a Thursday afternoon and is always open to new ideas for growth and service.

    Advisor: Heidi Coutre 


    AVID Club   

    Advisor:  Brandi Hussli


    Auto/F1 Club

    Advisor:  Ned Lease


    Black Student Union

    Advisor:  Ben Temeyer & Brandi Hussli


    Bowling Club

    Our Oregon High School Bowling Club participates in the Wisconsin High School Bowling Club league.

    Advisor: Kris Snow


    Build your Own Club

    Talk to one of our Building Administrators


    Card Club

    Card club is an after school club that gives students a venue for various role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and more. Meetings are typically held Mondays after school in room 143. 

    Advisor: Rahel Hollinbeck



    DECA is an association of marketing students. Local membership is offered to all students and encouraged for those in a marketing class. The local chapter is led by officers who plan activities based on four different categories: social intelligence (plan dances and attend meetings with marketing executives), civic conscientiousness (support community organizations), leadership development (attend summer workshops), and career awareness (prepare for a career in marketing). The ultimate goal of DECA is to create the experience for students to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders.

    Advisor: John Cukovic


    Drama Club

    Are you interested in theater? Do you want to learn to act, work backstage, or do tech? Then join the OHS Drama Club! Come and learn about all the different aspects of theater and how each one is important. Whether your dream is to grace the stage or to manage the stage; this is the club for you. We hold student workshops and even travel to shows in the surrounding communities. We work together with any current shows at OHS. We encourage you to be part of this experience. We meet each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the PAC.

     Advisor: Mike Ducett



    ECOS (Environmentally Concerned Oregon Students) is a great group to join if you are interested in helping the environment. Throughout the school year, we are involved in many projects, including cleaning up parks, and promote student recycling. In spring, we grow plants and sell them to raise money for the group. Towards the end of the school year we help the second grade class at Netherwood Knoll plant trees in the park. If you would like to be actively involved in taking care of our community environment, we encourage you to join ECOS.

    Advisor: Tracey Leider



    Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is a dynamic and effective national career and technical student organization. The organization helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through family and consumer sciences education. Membership is open to anyone who has taken a FACS class in middle school or high school.

    Advisor: Lynn Buyarski



    FFA is a national youth organization with a mission to develop premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education. Students enrolled in agriculture education are eligible to take advantage of FFA membership. Throughout the year, members can participate in Dane County and State Fairs, gain first hand experience in agriculture through their hands-on projects, as well as travel throughout the state to develop leadership skills and meet fellow FFA members. Community service is a focus of many activities of this organization. This club is a MUST if you are pursuing a career or higher education in agriculture!

    Advisor: Jillian Beaty



    Want to have fun and become better at public speaking? Join forensics! You can perform with friends in two categories: group interpretive or play acting. You can also go compete individually in farrago, poetry, story telling, demonstration, radio prose, and extemporaneous categories. Win awards, have lots of fun, lose the butterflies, and meet new people from both OHS and other Wisconsin schools.

    Advisor: Adrienne Kangas


    Gender Sexuality Alliance  (GSA)

    The Gender Sexuality Alliance strives to assure that each member of OHS is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. GSA believes that such an atmosphere engenders a positive sense of self, which is the basis of educational achievement and personal growth. Since homophobia undermines a healthy school climate, GSA works to educate teachers, students, and community about the damaging effects these forces have. GSA welcomes all individuals regardless of sexual orientation. This group meets once a week.

    Advisors: Lauren Lebwohl and Katie Klas


    German Club

    German Club is for any student with an interest in the language and/or culture of German-speaking countries.  Members may participate in a variety of social and educational activities including German Breakfasts, Bratwurst Making, Holiday Folk Fair in Milwaukee, Skiing, attending performing arts events, German Movie Night, Bowling & Pizza, Annual Cheesecake Sale, trips to Germanic restaurants, cooking Germanic food, sporting events, Grillfest, and others. German Club also supports the exchange program with our sister school in Langen, Germany.

    Advisor: Jeffrey Dyer



    Calling all future health professionals! YOU should consider joining HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America. HOSA will help you enter the health field prepared, they attend competitions, explore different careers, and participate in community service! This club is a great introduction into careers involving health, they meet twice a month and are always looking for more members!

    Advisor: Lynn Buyarski


     Hope Squad

    Advisor:  Jauanita Veinert, Janet Pliner, Allison Oscar, Laurie Cray, Missi Tracy



    Imagine is a peer education group that exposes damaging behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that may lead to sexual assault, harassment, and violence in our community. We promote healthy relationships and positive body images. We become educated on the power of negative media images. We attend three trainings throughout the year that are conducted by the Rape Crisis Center of Dane County to plan for Sexual Assault Awareness month in April.

    Advisor: Janell Thom Schneider


    Improve (Silence of the Hams)

    OHS improv group

    Advisor:  Ben Temeyer



    Interact is a club for youth ages 14-18 who want to connect with others in their community or school. Interact club members have fun while carrying out service projects and learning about the world. Interact clubs organize at least two service projects a year: one that benefits their community and one that encourages international understanding. While Interact clubs receive guidance from individual Rotary clubs, they govern and support themselves.

    Advisors: Tracey Rosemeyer and Janell Thom Schneider


    Intramural Sports

    Advisor:  Scott Krueger



    (Keeping Everyone You Know Safe) Drawn together by their concern about the amount of substance use among their peers and a common passion for making their school and community a healthier place, KEYS was formed by students for students. They want to speak up about the risks and dangers of substance abuse. They want to stand up and let their peers know that a substance free life is a good life and that students who choose not to use are in the majority. They want to band together to give support to students to stay strong in the face of the media, peer pressure and life and help students involved with substances find alternatives.

    Advisor: Amie Mitchell


    Latinx Student Union

    Advisor:  Brandi Hussli


    Math Club

    Do you love math? Do you want to do math in your future career? Do you want to share your love or math with others while having fun?  Join Math Club! They host weekly, school wide, informal math competitions and compete at a number of local and state and maybe even national competitions throughout the year. They also hold a STEM fair for the elementary schools. 

    Advisor: Dave Ebert


    Mock Trial

    Mock Trial   Click here for more infoOHS Mock Trial

    Trial is an extra-curricular activity in which teams of students are given witness statements, the applicable law, and the rules of evidence and procedure. Using these, students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses to present the case to a judge and jury in an actual courtroom, against another team of students. The season lasts from October through February, with teams meeting about two to three times per week.



    Model UN     

    This club is for anyone interested in the United Nations, solving global problems, international relations or public speaking. We represent a new country each year we attend a conference based on the United Nations with thousands of students from across the world!

    Adivsor:  Becky Piper-Hayhurst



    Advisors: Michael Ducett and Jennifer Yancey


    National Honor Society

    Juniors who have accumulated at least a 3.7 GPA are invited to join this prestigious organization. Members are involved in activities throughout their senior year, including publicity, community service, and the organization of an induction ceremony. Few clubs are more highly revered by colleges, scholarship committees, and employers. Visit our website: National Honor Society to learn more.

    Advisor: Adrienne Kangas



    OHS Acapella Group

    Advisor:  Nate Mendl 


    OHS Students for Life

    Advisor:  Ned Lease


    OHS Tutoring

    Peer and Elementary Tutoring: High school students working with Oregon students at all grade levels and content areas to promote academic success.

    Peer Tutoring: High school students work with other high school students during the school day. Tutoring sessions can take place 1 -5 days a week in a number of locations. Students can earn credit or volunteer hours for tutoring their peers.

    Elementary Tutoring: High school students travel to other schools in the Oregon School District to work with younger students. Tutors may work to support an elementary teacher and their entire class or they could work with smaller groups or individuals. Placements are available in a wide range of classrooms and grade levels.

    Advisor: Andrea Anderson


    Panther Pals

    Panthers Pals is a brand new club here at OHS this year and we think it is gonna be a great one! Their goal is to bring together students with and without disabilities to have fun and create friendships!

    Advisors: Elisa Ried and Travis Koch


    Panthers Vs. Cancer

    This is a student run organization! In the past they have had fundraisers for families dealing with cancer, make meals at Ronald McDonald House, make blankets for children's Hospital, and are always open to new activities for the people and families fighting cancer. You can use the hours you earn during meetings and activities toward community service hours. It's rewarding helping those going through such a difficult time.

    Advisors:  Brian Bothwell and Becky Piper-Hayhurst 


    Paw Print

    The Paw Print is Oregon High School’s student newspaper. It is run by and written by the students at OHS. The Paw Print covers a wide variety of topics including local and national news, sports, and entertainment. Staff meetings are held after school on Mondays and all writers are welcome to attend.

    Advisor: Patricia Greiner


    Pride Crew

    Link Crew is a group of older students dedicated to helping new students feel welcomed and included at OHS. They are trained in the summer and lead the student orientation a few days before school starts.  Pride Crew also hosts various events during the year to promote positive connections within the building.

    Advisors:  Janet Pliner


    Prom Committe

    Advisor:  Brandi Hussli


    Raise Your Voice

    Advisor:  Kathy Mentink 


    Science Club

    Advisor:  Student run contact Senior - Adam Mikkelson


    Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad offers opportunities for students to explore many areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It offers a team learning environment that stretches across many areas of science and engages students of different knowledge and skill sets. Science Olympiad offers creative challenges to all students in interesting and applied areas of science.

    Advisor: Nathan Johnson


    Ski Club

    Advisors:  Dave Ebert, Peter Kritsch


    Skills USA

    If you are interested in a vocational job such as bricklaying, welding, automotive repair, construction, cabinetry, and many more join the OHS Skills USA Club. Regional, state, and national competitions are available for the members to complete in against other Skills USA Clubs around the country and world.

    Advisors: Ryan Stace and Eric Haakenson


    Spanish Club

    Students may join Spanish club if they are enrolled in a Spanish class. We meet monthly and eat out at various restaurants during the year. Spanish club is a fun way to get to know other students and practice the language.



    Special Olympics

    Special Olympics International provides athletes with cognitive disabilities the opportunity to train and compete all year long.  Our agency offers bowling, basketball, aquatics, athletics (track and field), bocce, and golf. We practice during the school day and on weekends. Oregon Area Special Olympics also participates in homecoming and summer fest activities. High school students are encouraged to become involved by coaching and volunteering during competitions.

    Advisor: Elisa Ried


    Student Council

    Student Council, a prominent student government organization, gives students a voice in determining school activities and the environment. It helps promote activities for the entire student body at Oregon High School and fosters a positive climate throughout the school.

    Being a member of student council is both an honor and a challenge. Members plan and organize dance activities and homecoming events. Student Council also conducts a food drive and a variety of community projects such as an end of year picnic for the Student Council members within the entire district K-12 and a staff appreciation luncheon. In addition, the junior and senior classes administer separate events: juniors plan prom and seniors are responsible for assisting with graduation.

    No doubt, student council needs hard working, creative, fun loving students who can handle responsibility.

    To become a member you must fill out an application (in the spring). If you want to be on the executive council, you need to fulfill at least one year on student council, fill out another application with teacher recommendations, prepare a speech, and receive the most votes from your Student Council peers. If you want to help make the school a better place, join Student Council!

    Advisors:  Anna Gavin & Lora Kuehl 


    Super Smath Brother Club

    Advisor:  Rahel Holinbeck 


    Tech Club

    Tech Club is responsible for all the technology related (sound and lighting) needs in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). In Tech Club you will learn about microphones and other sound equipment and how to operate and design lights. Performances cannot happen without the behind-the-scenes work of the tech club! We meet every Tuesday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the PAC.

    Advisor: Nate Mendl



    "Thespians" refers to members of the International Thespian Honor Society. Membership is earned through quality participation both on and off stage during theatre/drama activities here at OHS. Thespians are the leaders of Drama Club, but also meet separately the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. and participate in some Thespian-only activities.

    Advisor: Mike Ducett


    Ultimate Frisbee 

    Boys and Girls Teams

    Advisor:  Nathan Johnson



    We offer students a good opportunity to get to know their peers and allow them to use their creativity during the production of the yearbook. We meet every Monday from 3:30 pm until 5:00 pm from October until February.

    Advisor:   Sara Kissling


  • DECA

  • FFA

FFA at the Dane County Fair
  • German Club

Promoting German Club at the OHS Club Fair